We Service:

• Sectional Doors
• Rolling Steel Doors

• Rolling Steel Fire Doors
• Commercial Door Operators
• Aluminum & Steel Counter
• Car Wash Doors

Maintenance and Repair:

Reduce or eliminate costly delays and down time due to door breakdowns with a Preventative Maintenance Program with Lakeland Overhead Door Sales & Service, LLC.

Available annually, semi-annually, or quarterly we have a Preventive Maintenance Program which can add years of service to your doors. In addition to extending the life, failing parts can be identified early and replaced before they cause major repairs.

Our preventative maintenance program continues to save you money throughout the year. When we perform Preventative Maintenance on your doors, we make note of all your doors' sizes, makes, and models. Lakeland Overhead Door will maintain a record of this information which allows us to respond quickly and with the parts needed if you need emergency service between scheduled preventative maintenance services.

Maintenance Program Includes:

• Complete record of existing doors and operators which is maintained and updated with each service call.
• Complete servicing of doors and operators including torsion spring adjustment, lubrication, and inspections of all door parts.
• Testing of all safety devices.